Why Hydrotherapy Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity

Hydrotherapy comes from the Greek words ‘hydro-‘ meaning water and ‘therapia’ meaning treatment. Hydrotherapy has been used since ancient times to treat a number of conditions. The practice is usually applied for its relaxing effects on skin and muscles in more modern times, but it also has specific benefits for mental, physical, and even spiritual health. Once again, it is gaining popularity worldwide.

History of Hydrotherapy

One of the earliest forms of hydrotherapy was taking a hot bath or swim to treat illness or injury. Ancient Egyptians employed the technique as early as 5000 B.C., while Native Americans used sweat houses. The Greeks and Romans also used baths to treat medical problems, as did medieval Europeans, who built communal bath houses where people went to relax and recover from illnesses (and occasionally to treat them).

The first spa opened in 1596 in the town of Bath, England. These ‘taking-of-the-waters’ establishments were popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years and eventually became the precursor to today’s luxury spas found in resorts across the globe.

Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Water therapy is thought to help people with chronic illnesses by flushing toxins from their bodies, warming muscles or cooling joints, relieving pain or improving circulation, among other things. The list of benefits attributed to hydrotherapy is almost endless.

What Can Hydrotherapy Treat?

But the benefits of hydrotherapy go beyond just physical health. It also helps patients recover mentally with all the tension and stress released during a session, not to mention the boost in overall mood. The most popular forms of therapy are hot/cold contrast baths (where you first enter hot water, then switch to cold) or whirlpools.

Hydrotherapy in Sydney

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