Hydrotherapy in Sydney

Exercising in warm water is one of the best forms of alternative therapy, and there’s a good reason this methodology has been used for thousands of years. Studies have found that hydrotherapy is beneficial for many kinds of musculoskeletal conditions including chronic pain and arthritis. It especially helps arthritis sufferers as the joints can be exercised while the water supports the weight of the limbs.


Hydrotherapy for pregnancy

Hydrotherapy is also a great treatment option for pregnant women. It can help control fluid retention and swelling, manage blood pressure and weight, improvecirculation and help with mood control, relaxation and sleeping. This gentle exercise can boost energy levels during pregnancy, making it easier to cope with fatigue.

We understand that pregnancy can cause aches and pains. That’s why our qualified physiotherapists make sure we are especially careful in the strength and control of muscles around the sacroiliac joints and pelvis which can be problematic during pregnancy. Our hydrotherapy services are tailored to your individual needs and goals. All exercises can be modified or adapted according to your body and condition. Make sure that you let your Sports Focus physiotherapist know if you have any current complications or medical conditions.

Sydney hydrotherapy services

We have a multi-purpose pool and private facilities at our Mt Pritchard and Willoughby physiotherapy clinics. The atmosphere is relaxed, allowing patients to maintain social wellbeing which is especially important for those who live alone. You don’t need to worry if you’re unable to swim, as the pool is shallow so that you can exercise within your depth.

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When you come in to see us for hydrotherapy, our physiotherapist will assess your condition and ask you questions about your health and goals. Hydrotherapy is currently available at both our Mt Pritchard and Willoughby physiotherapy clinics. Please book today make your appointment.

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