What It Means to Be a Titled Sports Physiotherapist

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy we are privileged enough to work alongside a talented team of physiotherapists many of whom possess a specialist level of accreditation as titled sports physiotherapists by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The APA recognises members who possess expert knowledge, specialising in their relevant area of practice to be considered titled physiotherapists.

Being a titled sports physiotherapist

Our Titled Sports Physiotherapists have undergone a rigorous selection process by demonstrating expertise and achieving an outstanding level of contribution to the field of sports physiotherapy for them to be considered for a title. They are reviewed to ensure that they achieve and maintain exceptional standards of clinical experience and knowledge. The APA Title serves as a professional accreditation in the field of Sports Physiotherapy and not all physiotherapists are titled.

A titled sports physiotherapist has receive hours of specialised, intensive training aimed to build a greater understanding of biomechanics in the human body and possess the expertise to identify, assess and treat a sports injury. Their expertise of the mechanism of injury across a range of sports, enhanced ability to foresee potential injuries, musculoskeletal structures and unique insight on rehabilitation allows them to prescribe appropriate strengthening exercises to prevent and treat a multitude of sports injuries.

Patients at our clinic can be reassured that they are in good hands under the care of our titled physiotherapists as have demonstrated the highest standard of clinical experience to accurately identify, prevent and treat injuries. Book online to see one of our expert physiotherapists today.


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