Groin Pain Physiotherapy

Have you ever experienced groin pain and tried to stretch it out or massage the area yourself? Unfortunately, groin pain is unlikely to be treated through a bit of stretching and massaging at home. What’s more likely is that you will need to see your physiotherapist for several weeks of rehab. The good news is that once you’ve started, your pain will decrease and there’s less chance of doing further injury.

Groin pain causes

Osteitis Pubis is a common cause of groin pain. It occurs when the pubic symphysis (the joint at the front of the pelvis) is overloaded. The muscles attached into and around the area are pulled into different directions, usually from overuse during sports or an acute injury that hasn’t been treated correctly. Continuing with sporting activities while there is some pain can cause the muscles to pull on the pubic bone, resulting in stress. Other causes of stress include poor core stability and lower back dysfunction. You may experience pain in the front of the hips or on one or both sides of the groin.

Groin pain physiotherapy

Physiotherapy rehabilitation for groin pain can take some time, but it will certainly resolve the condition and ensure that you return to sports free of injury and pain. Your groin pain rehabilitation can begin straightaway, with your physio helping you strengthen the affected muscles, as well as improving core stability and ensuring that loads are distributed evenly. Your physiotherapist will help take the stress off the public bone, so it is important that you take a break from physical activity. It can be hard to take time off, but the sooner you begin physio treatment, the sooner you will be back to doing what you love.

If you’re experiencing groin pain, don’t wait to see a physiotherapist. Our experienced Sydney physios will help relieve your pain and allow you to return to sports with little risk of reinjury. Contact Sports Focus Physiotherapy today to book your appointment.

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