Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common condition that affects those from all walks of life. Shoulder injuries can be chronic or acute, and the recovery time can range from as little as a few days to frustrating long-term.

The anatomy of the shoulder joint is complex, allowing the upper limb to have a large amount of movement. This is makes it easier for us to perform tasks such as scratching our own back or putting the laundry away. However, these activities can decrease the joint’s stability. To provide more stability, the shoulder must rely on the coordination and strength of multiple ligaments and muscles. There are many muscles involved, some of which are locally attached to the shoulder. Others are more widespread and attached to the ribs and spine.

Muscles and neural connections join the thoracic spine and shoulder together, the thoracic spine has a crucial involvement in the movement and function of the shoulder joint. When the upper limbs are elevated, the thoracic spine moves in a coordinated and complex way with the shoulder. If this coordinated movement doesn’t occur, this can affect the shoulder biomechanics and lead to pain in the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Physiotherapy Sydney

This is why it’s important to see a shoulder physiotherapist in Sydney if you are experiencing any shoulder pain. Our experienced physios will perform a thorough assessment of the shoulder joint and thoracic spine to uncover the cause of your condition.

In the case that the thoracic spine is contributing to your shoulder pain, our CBD physiotherapist can perform manual therapy techniques to help restore movement and flexibility. In turn, this can improve your shoulder condition. Research has shown that spinal manipulation has been extremely useful in improving shoulder pain and function.

At CBD 428 George, we have experienced shoulder physiotherapists who can assess the thoracic spine and its contribution to your shoulder pain. Our Sydney CBD physiotherapists can apply manual therapy techniques to help improve the condition. If you want to find out more, please book online today for shoulder physiotherapy Sydney.

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