Patellofemoral Pain Treatment

Patellofemoral pain, also known as kneecap pain or runner’s knee, affects up to 25% of the general population every year. Women are two times more likely than men to experience patellofemoral pain.

What are the symptoms of patellofemoral pain?

In many cases, symptoms of patellofemoral pain will develop gradually, and may worsen with physical activity. Many sufferers may experience a dull, aching pain in the front of the affected kneecap. Your symptoms might also include:

  • Pain after sitting for a long period of time with the knees bent
  • Pain that increases when changing your usual playing surface, activity intensity or sports equipment
  • Pain when performing activities that require bending the knee, such as climbing stairs and squatting
  • Popping or crackling sounds in the knee when climbing stairs or standing up

Prevention of patellofemoral pain can be challenging. Studies into orthopaedic physical therapy suggest that the best ways to prevent patellofemoral pain include:

  • Gradually increasing your level of physical activity
  • Performing a range of activities. Children that specialise in a single sport have a greater chance of developing kneecap pain
  • Increasing knee strength can help reduce your risk of developing kneecap pain

How can physiotherapy improve patellofemoral pain?

We can offer a variety of treatments that can reduce your kneecap pain and relieve symptoms. Such treatments will depend on your individual circumstances and conditions, and can involve:

  • Knee taping combined with an exercise program
  • Targeted knee and hip exercises
  • Recommendation of inexpensive shoe inserts
  • Showing you how to improve the way you jump and run, or adjusting your training routine

There are no quick fixes when it comes to treating patellofemoral pain. A personalised exercise program is best treatment option over all others for this condition. Our physiotherapists can create a specific exercise program tailored to you and your goals.

If you’re currently suffering with kneecap pain, please come in and see us at Sports Focus Physiotherapy for patellofemoral pain treatment. Click here to book online today.

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