Sports Taping Uses

In our previous blogs, we talked about what sports taping is and the benefits it can provide. But what are the sports taping uses? Here’s a look at the many ways in which sports taping can be used to treat injuries and conditions.

What is sports taping use for?

Supporting weak areas

Sports tape can provide support to weak joints and muscles, without hindering your movements. If you have Achilles tendonitis, IT band friction syndrome or patellofemoral stress syndrome, sports taping can be highly beneficial. Research has also found that sports tape can improve performance when used on fatigued muscles.

Treating injuries

Physiotherapists may use sports taping as part of a treatment plan for patients who have been injured. Sports tape can mitigate swelling and pain, but it is most effective when used alongside other physiotherapy treatments, such as manual therapy.

Improving performance

Many athletes use sports taping to help enhance their performance and protect against injury when competing in sporting events. When wearing sports tape, athletes have a better sense of their muscles, which helps them to avoid overextending or further straining existing injuries.

Retraining muscles

Sports tape can help re-educate muscles that have grown used to inactivity or incorrect ways of working. For instance, sports taping can correct posture in your neck and head. This may be due to the strange sensation of the tape against the skin, making you more aware of your posture or how you are moving.

Treating scars

Fibrotic tissue, bonded scars and fresh scars can all be treated with sports taping. The tape holds the skin in a stretched position, increasing blood flow and promoting remodelling and healing. Sports taping can also improve the long-term appearance of scars after injury or surgery.

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