Pre-event and Post-event Massage Therapy

If you’ve been training for an upcoming marathon, you might want to consider pre- and post-event massage therapy. Massage plays an important role in your performance on the day and your recovery afterwards.

Massage therapy before running

Massage therapy can warm up your muscles for your event. This type of massage will complement your warm up and should be given 15 to 45 minutes before you begin warming up. Massage should never replace a proper warm up routine.

This pre-event massage will increase your joint flexibility, blood circulation and even improve mental focus. Your massage therapist will use fast and firm techniques, including some tapotement, to get your blood flowing.

Massage therapy after running

Your post-event massage works to alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and stiff joints. Massage therapy will also restore flexibility in the joints and improve recovery circulation. Don’t think that your massage has to be done immediately after your event – you can book a massage at Sports Focus for the following days. In the meantime, read our blog on recovery after sports to help your body recover faster and more effectively.

Having a massage after your running event will improve the flow of blood through your muscles. It’s also a great opportunity for your sports massage Sydney therapist to get an idea of how your muscles and joints feel before and after the massage. Getting on top of any tightness, pain and niggling injuries now will help you get back to training sooner.

Having a massage before and after an event can play an important role in your running performance and recovery. If you’re considering getting your own pre- or post-event massage, call us at Sports Focus Physiotherapy. Our friendly and experienced physios are always happy to help with your reparation and recovery!

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