Hidden Stress of Working from Home

In the current high-stress environment spending time trying to work from home can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.

Some people are working less hours and stressing about $$$$ and some people are finding they are at their laptop/ computer a lot more, with no real focus being placed on maintaining health and wellbeing. All these changes are causing sometimes, hidden increases in stress.

Your normal Sport, Training, Gym, or classes…your normal routine / your physical re- balance which is vital for your “STRESS” levels is no longer there and many of you are struggling to find an alternative and a new routine.

Increased stress levels trigger higher levels of the hormone ‘cortisol’ in the body.

These high levels of stress can affect how the body responds to pain. Increased levels of cortisol have been found to be associated with chronic pain. Decreasing stress will not only improve your mental health, but your physical wellbeing as well.

How physiotherapy helps reduce stress

Posture and breathing

Feeling stressed at work can lead you to holding your body in an awkward position, especially if you work at a desk, for long hours. Poor posture can result in muscular tightness, making it difficult for you to relax your muscles and practice deep breathing.

Our Sports Focus Physios can assess which muscles are tight as a result of poor posture. We can offer treatment through dry needling, joint mobilisation and massage therapy. We can also take you through exercises that enable deep breathing, allowing your muscles to relax. We can also do this via Telehealth if you are unable to come into one of our locations.

Physical exercise

Keeping physically active is an effective way to reduce work-related stress. Exercise encourages the body to release feel good hormones known as endorphins. These are natural mood elevators and pain killers that are necessary to combat stress and its negative impact on the body.

We offer Active Physio – Pilates exercise classes that focus on building strength, relaxed breathing and maintaining muscle length. It’s an excellent exercise for stretching and working the muscles that become fatigued due to prolonged desk work or sitting. This physiotherapy treatment will not only help you get in shape but will also help you reduce stress by training deep breathing.

Physiotherapy assessed and then classes led by our Pilates trained Physios helps the body’s ability to release endorphins, which reduces your pain and improves your mood. This in turn can reduce work related stress and improve your overall health.

Get physiotherapy to manage the hidden stress of working from home

Chat with your Sports Focus physiotherapist to find out how we can help you combat the hidden stress of working from home. Book online today and move towards your best quality of life!

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