Injury prevention & management’ seminar for tekiq outdoor training

Sports Focus Physiotherapy has recently been in discussion with TEKNIQ Training in order to provide their clients with improved treatment strategies, injury prevention strategies and injury management information.

On 30th March 2016 Sports Focus Physiotherapy hosted an ‘Injury Prevention & Management’ seminar at their Liverpool location.

Prepared and presented by Michael Pasqualin and Catherine Anastasio. The seminar was attended by TEKNIQ Training clientele who found the night to be informative and beneficial to their training, health and lifestyle.

Key points of the seminar were strategies to prevent injury such as diet and hydration, adequate and appropriate warm-ups, stretching, technique and footwear. Common injuries such as low back pain, lower leg pains and acute hamstring injuries were discussed as well as their recommended treatment and management options

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Sports Focus Physiotherapy looks forward to progressing their newly established relationship with TEKNIQ Training with future seminars, effective treatment of their clients and onsite assessments.

Sports Focus Physiotherapy has 6 clinics located in the Sydney metropolitan area.

You can call any of our Sydney Physiotherapy clinics below;

Wynyard (02) 9262 4147

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Liverpool (02) 9601 8411

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Willoughby (02) 9967 0013 and

Northbridge (02) 9958 8986.


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