How Shockwave Therapy Works

If you’ve read our previous blog on the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy, you will know how effective this non-invasive treatment can be. This treatment option is being offered at our Wynyard, Northbridge, Castle Hill and Liverpool physiotherapy locations. It can be used to treat persistent musculoskeletal conditions.

How does shockwave therapy work?

A projectile is accelerated by compressed air, which then makes contact with a suspended impact body (transmitter). This transmitter is brough into direct contact with the patient’s skin, just above the area that we are treating. A gel will have been applied to the area.

When the projectile impacts the skin, a longitudinal acoustic wave is generated within the transmitter. This is an acoustic wave that then spreads an ultrasonic pulse from the transmitter into the tissue. Basically, this is called an ultrasonic pressure wave. It’s a component of the radial shockwave that generates a therapeutic effect. Think of it as ‘rebooting’ a hindered healing cascade.

The effects of shockwave therapy

The effects can be seen within several hours following the treatment. The shockwaves migrate, proliferate and differentiate stem cells within the body, leading to tissue healing and regeneration.

In the case of a condition such as tendinopathy, the shockwaves promote rapid reproduction of the tendon cells and promotes the remodelling of tendon tissues.

This treatment also has a positive effect on the nervous system and the body’s neurophysiological processes. This produces pain relief and can reduce any hypertonia in spastic muscles. For this reason, patients will be advised by our physiotherapists to avoid physical activity immediately following shockwave therapy treatment. Physical activity can cause a delayed pain response.

Learn more about shockwave therapy

Yes, all this information can be a difficult to get your head around. If you need further information about how shockwave therapy works or what you can expect from it, please get in touch.

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