Effects of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy has been growing in popularity thanks to its ability to treat fractures and aid injury management. Today, shockwave therapy is used to treat different types of soft tissue injuries and other long-term issues in the tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia.

How does shockwave work?

This treatment works by sending a short, intense energy wave. This wave carries high amounts of energy to injured area and Myoskeletal tissues with chronic, sub-chronic and acute conditions. The energy activates the body’s self-healing abilities, which accelerates the healing process.

Effects of shockwave therapy

When an energy wave passes through human tissue, it generates therapeutic and physiological effects. According to studies, there are four phases involved in creating these therapeutic effects.

Phase one is the shock’s direct effect. Mechanical pressure produces an extracellular cavitation, which then ionizes the molecules to increase cell membrane permeability.

Phase two is the physical-chemical phase, during which diffusible radicals interact with biomolecules. The energy waves interfere with metabolism in the cells to increase their activity, which promotes healing.

Phase three is the chemical phase. It might come along with intracellular reactions and molecular changes. A high temperature is developed when cavitation occurs, leading to the growth of radicals.

Phase four, the final phase, involves the physiological reactions to the previous three phases.

Shockwave therapy has been shown to be effective in pain management. Shockwaves cause small capillaries in the tissue to rapture, which accelerates growth in the areas being treated. It can also promote healing of connective tissue thanks to the stimulation of fibroblasts. Pain reduction occurs as the waves lessen the effects of Substance P neurotransmitter.

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