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We all need to be aware of our posture; from teens slouching over devices to our ever ‘computer driven’  work environment.

Even our physios at Sports Focus are spending more time on their ‘Telehealth consults’  and finding that their ‘posture’ is suffering .

We all need to MOVE more.

We all need to STRENGTHEN more.

The upper / middle part of our back is called the Thoracic spine. This video gives you a wonderful chair exercise/ stretch to do – and most of you will find your body wanting to do this anyway!

The floor work has a strength Pilates exercise on your tummy and a great upper back twisting exercise.

Your spine – and ‘core’ will really thank you for doing these simple exercises every day.

You can also join an online exercise class by booking a Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced class with Rebecca.

Join an Active Physio – Pilates class

Active Physio – Pilates

We also have Telehealth consults and from 27/4/2020. Sports Focus physiotherapist Vanea will be re-starting some Active Physio- Pilates casual exercise classes to work on those aches and pains. Two clients only per session.

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