Headaches While Working From Home

Is working from home giving you frequent headaches? Getting migraines from looking at screens all day?

Cause of headache

The most common cause of headaches and migraines stem from the joints, muscles and tissue at the back of the head and neck. These can be called cluster headaches, cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches or be a type of migraine. You might also experience associated symptoms such as tiredness, jaw dysfunction and pain, diess, disturbances to vision and nausea. While these symptoms can feel painful and debilitating, they are most often treatable. The Sydney physiotherapists at Sports Focus are available to assess your pain to identify whether one of these structures are the cause of your headaches.

If you’re feeling pain in these structures, it can be due to general lack of movement, frequently looking up or down, or sustaining a forward head posture. Keeping poor posture for a prolonged period of time can put load on the tissues in the back of the head and neck, triggering a pain response. Even if you have full head movement, the neck can be a contributor to your headache. This is because the tissue or joint behind the pain usually doesn’t affect movement much. Yes, there’s a multitude of different triggers to everybody’s headaches, but the most common cause we see is an underlying neck dysfunction.

Headache treatment

Once an appropriate assessment has been completed by your Sports Focus physio, we can begin treating the cause of your headache. This assessment may involve looking at your home office setup, your general posture, general activity and exercise. Our physios are knowledgeable on ergonomics and posture and have extensive experience in self-mobilisation and prescribing personalised exercise plans to help treat a range of conditions.

Sports Focus Physiotherapy is open at selected physiotherapy clinics for face to face appointments or Telehealth video consults depending on your preference. Contact us today or book your appointment online.

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