Strength and Conditioning Essentials

Is your strength and conditioning keeping up with your activity levels? Sports Focus Physiotherapy offers expert guidance to enhance your sporting performance or rehabilitation.

We understand that life can be very demanding on our bodies, no matter what we do. Whether it’s playing soccer, going for a jog or lifting our grandchildren, most of us spend some portion of our day being physically active. To minimise the risk of injury, it’s important that we prepare our bodies for the demands of these everyday tasks.

What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning refer to the development and maintenance of movement qualities. Sports Focus Physiotherapy offers services in enhancing physical performance and rehabilitation. We can help you improve your play not just for sports but also to maximise day to day activities. This encompasses:

Speed – ability to move quickly

Strength – ability to move heavy force

Aerobics – ability to use oxygen to generate energy

All of these in combination determine your ability to perform what you enjoy doing. This includes boosting acceleration and speed, decreasing falls risk, improving jump height, increasing bone density, reducing pain and improving general quality of quality.

What do our programs involve?

Here at Sports Focus Physiotherapy, we utilise strength and conditioning principles in all our exercise and rehabilitation programs. This includes the exercise choices we make, the load and intensity of your prescribed workouts, the resistance we suggest, the speed at which your exercises should be performed and how we plan back-to-back sessions on sequential days.

We know that it’s important to make personalised exercise decisions based on your specific needs, so that way we can successfully help you to reach your performance goals. Our knowledge and expertise, coupled with our specialised equipment, can help you to improve your health and fitness.

You can book online today to see one of our experienced physiotherapists for an initial assessment. We look forward to guiding you back to optimal health.

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