ACL Injury Recovery

ACL injuries are something we see often among athletes. It commonly occurs amongst football, rugby and tennis players. After sustaining this kind of injury, you might be keen to get back on the field as soon as possible, but it’s crucial that you follow a step by step ACL rehabilitation program in order to prevent re-injury and maximise strength. Our goal at Sports Focus Physio is to aid your ACL injury recovery and help you safely return to sports so you can achieve your sporting goals.

We will treat your ACL injuries based on criteria rather than timeframe. That means that you will need to achieve a set standard of control and strength before you can process to the next phase of your recovery. We do this because every client will progress differently, and some may have a longer rehab journey than others. We keep up to date with the latest research.

ACL Injury Recovery Phases

  1. We will help you recover from your ACL surgery by decreasing swelling in the knee and increasing your range of motion.
  2. The next phase will focus on improving your muscle strength and neuromuscular control and balance.
  3. Movements such as running, jumping and landing will be re-introduced. We will also incorporate agility and change of direction drills.
  4. Once you’ve achieved control and symmetry in strength, it is now safe to return to sports.
  5. We want to reduce your chances of re-injury. That’s why we will take you through plyometric, balance and strength exercises designed for long term prevention of re-injury.

Treat your ACL injury in Sydney

It’s important that we process through your recovery phase by phase so that you can return to sports safely. If you’ve injured your ACL, please contact one of our Sydney physiotherapy clinics today to find out how we can help you. Please click here to book your appointment online.

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