What is Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a low-impact exercises that aims to improve postural alignment and flexibility while strengthening the muscles. Pilates targets the core muscles as well as other areas of the body. It can be done with or without equipment, with controlled breathing and slow and precise movements.

How to do Pilates

You can do Pilates with a mat or equipment, like the Reformer. While Pilates uses your stabilising muscles to help you control your movements, it isn’t just about increasing core strength. You learn to use a range of muscles in controlling movement and spinal position. You also learn how to mobilise the joints through specific mobilisation exercises. Pilates may seem like a slow workout, but it’s also challenging!

Those who have developed altered movement patterns due to weakness, pain or reduced range of motion, benefit greatly from Pilates. It helps you to reduce muscle imbalances that have arisen due to pain or injury, and helps you improve the way you move.

Pilates is a fantastic workout that complements other physical activities. It ensures the body is moving in a way that can handle the demands of your activity or sports. Pilates can also be used to prevent injury.

Who can do Pilates?

Absolutely anyone! For those new to exercise, Pilates is a great introduction to fitness. All you need is a mat and instructor to get started. Here at Sports Focus, we offer small group classes for people of all levels to practice Pilates and build up their strength and fitness levels. We’ll adjust your program according to your level and make modifications for any pain or injuries you may have.

Book a Pilates class

Our Pilates classes are designed by our experienced clinical Pilates Physiotherapists with their background in muscle and joint rehabilitation exercises for all ages. You need to be in the recovery or fitness stage of any problems, with no serious restrictions to exercise.

Give us a call on 9958 8986 for further information and to secure your booking.

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