Why springtime calls for increased physical activity

Spring is just around the corner and the warm weather is calling us to get outside and get active. Whether it is raking leaves or getting your favourite perennial beds ready, it is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and warmer weather.

Spring is also the perfect season for increasing your physical activity. The National Institute on Aging stresses the importance of exercise and physical activity. There are four basic categories of exercise and physical activity:

– Endurance

– Strength

– Balance

– Flexibility. Exercise and Physical Activity | National Institute on Aging (nih.gov)

Each type of activity offers different benefits and doing some form of exercise from each will yield the best results. Mixing it up also helps to reduce boredom and the risk of injury. The good news is that some outside activities fit into more than one category. For example, many endurance activities also build strength. Strength exercises also help improve balance. Here are a few examples to inspire you this spring.

Cycling– great for cardio fitness and leg strength; and some balance with co- ordination.

Walking– Add in some hills, bush tracks, steps and try changing your speed up and down

Yoga – fed up with zooming inside, take your online class outside – feel how it will improve your mood

Swimming/Surfing – Just do it for all aspects of your health

This spring, stay active! Find ways to incorporate the four types of exercise into your seasonal activities. Whether you’re working in your garden or taking an easy trek on your local hiking trail, staying active is important. Before starting any exercise programs or exercises on your own, check with your physiotherapist to make sure they are OK for you.

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