How can I stay physically active during lockdown?

The pandemic has turned our lives around. With many of our personal and work lives now happening from the comfort of our homes, it’s easy to find ourselves succumbing to the couch. So, how does one try to stay active at home all day long?

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Whether you’re working from home or simply living your best quarantine life, we’ve got you covered with a variety of fun and easy ways to keep yourself active at home.

Walk during calls: Sitting through a long conference call? Try standing! This gives you the opportunity to be up and about. Use your call time to work toward those 10,000 daily steps.

Start cleaning: Cleaning is the ultimate double-duty activity. Not only are you getting your home tidy, but it’s also a great way to get you moving around the house. Activities like scrubbing the tub or vacuuming the living room are great for working out your arms, and doing the dishes or dusting your house keeps you upright and on the move.

Binge-watch (and workout): Rather than being a couch potato as you wait for Netflix to ask if you’re still watching, workout as you watch. If you’ve got some sort of exercise machine (like a stationary bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical), put it in front of the TV and hop on as you start the latest episode. Or set up a mat in your living room and get your stretch on or do some resistance or bodyweight exercises as you binge.

Start gardening: Let out your inner green thumb and tend to a garden. Whether you decide to plant flowers or food, tending to your garden takes a lot of physical effort. From bending, stooping, digging, and upkeep, you’re sure to work up a sweat as you make your garden grow.

Keep lifting: Tiny things are all the rage: tiny homes, tiny dogs, and even tiny workout machines. Miniature versions of ellipticals, cycle pedals, and steppers are available that all conveniently fit under a desk, so you can keep lifting the weight at work and at home!

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