Why Improve Hip Mobility

We humans have evolved our bodies for long distance migration (walking and running). However, despite this, foot, ankle and knee injuries are very prevalent. Why is this the case? A lot of us have sadly lost our ability to perform all the physical activities that our body has evolved to do. And, as a society, we are taking our movement for granted.

The body is a highly adaptable machine. It enables us to move, even when we have joint restrictions. But it’s only a matter of time before the body breaks down and we need to see a physiotherapist.

Lower limb issues

When performing activities such as running and walking, form follows function. If you don’t have enough movement in the lower limbs, the hips start to take over to compensate. This leads to added transmission of force in the ligaments and joints, which your healthcare professional might diagnose as Achilles tendonitis, jumper’s knee or a variation of plantar fasciopathy.

Link between the hips and joint injuries

Lower back and lower limb issues very commonly have a hip component. Since a lot of us are spending most of our days seated or not being active, we aren’t accessing the full function of the hips. Spending prolonged periods in a seated position causes the hip to lose stability and flexibility. Our lower back and hip flexors start to tighten, and the pelvis begins to angle forwards. This makes it difficult to extend the hip widely so that we can move in a more efficient manner when running or walking. When the hip can’t extend, this makes it difficult for us to access the full power of the glutes. Instead, less efficient muscles take its place, leading us on the path to joint and overuse injuries.

Start improving your hip mobility

Thankfully, there is good news! The body is very adaptable and can easily change and improve to suit a new use or purpose. All you need to do is begin making positive steps towards this. Working with a physiotherapist is a great way to reclaim your hip movement and keep yourself away from injury.

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