NordBord for Injury Prevention

Are you at risk of sustaining a hamstring tear this sporting season? Hamstring strain injuries are incredibly common in sports that involve running. The more time you spend sprinting, the greater your chances are of injuring your hamstring.

These injuries can keep you off the field for up to 6 weeks, or, if the tendon is involved, even longer. Resting or having an off season won’t help you recover faster. To make matters worse, having a previous torn hamstring doubles your risk of going it again. But this risk can be lessened with the right hamstring strengthening program.

The great news is that the NordBord hamstring testing system has been developed to reduce your risk of hamstring tears and risk of reinjury. The NordBord can be used alongside the ScoreBord application to accurately gauge your hamstring strength and the balance of strength between your legs. This helps us to identify weaknesses and imbalances that can learn to injury.

So, do you know if you’re at risk of tearing your hamstring this sporting season? Sports Focus Physiotherapy can answer that question for you by using the NordBord to measure your risk. We use this specialised equipment to measure your hamstring strength and gather data on each leg in real time. From this, we can evaluate your risk profile, prescribe an appropriate injury prevention program and analyse your hamstring strength over time.

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy, we can quickly and accurately gather your hamstring injury profile and provide you with a graphical summary of your hamstring strength. We can then focus on strengthening your hamstring muscles through various exercise techniques.

If you believe that you can benefit from hamstring strength testing or have a team of athletes that would, please visit our website to find out more or book online now.

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