NordBord Hamstring Testing System

The NordBord Hamstring Testing System is a special piece of equipment that focuses on strengthening hamstring muscles through different exercise techniques. It’s a quick and easy way to measure isometric and eccentric hamstring strength.

When used alongside the ScoreBord app, the NordBord can accurately and quickly measure hamstring strength and the balance of strength between the legs. This makes it a great tool for assessing athletes and sporting teams.

We know that taking time off due to an injury results in the loss of muscle strength and size is common. It’s important that the strength of the hamstring muscles is assessed to identify any imbalances before you are put on a personalised exercise program. Not only will this provide structure to your rehabilitation journey, but it will also reduce your chances of developing injuries related to hamstring imbalance.

According to football protocols, it’s important for a football player to have 300N strength in their hamstrings before they can return to sports. It’s also essential that both hamstrings are equal or nearly equal strength, as this minimises the risk of the injury reoccurring.

Thanks to the NordBord, we can reliably measure hamstring strength and track changes over time. This allows us to evaluate and modify rehabilitation programs and outcomes as required to help you achieve the best results possible. Not to mention, the NordBord makes performing hamstring exercises much more comfortable!

Book NordBord Hamstring Testing

We typically use our NordBords on professional athletes and sporting teams, but we can still develop a personalised exercise program to help you start working on your hamstring strength or recover from an injury.

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy, we specialise in providing programs that focus on strengthening muscles for athletes in high-level teams, helping prevent injuries before they occur. NordBord is offered at our CBD 428 George, Liverpool, Northbridge and CBD Wynyard physiotherapy practices. Book your appointment online now.

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