5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

Elbow pain

If you experience pain just above the elbow that worsens when you try to type or grip something, you might have a condition known as tennis elbow. When given appropriate rest, tennis elbow can improve lot on its own. But if you continue to use/aggravate the pain area, you’ll find that the condition can persist for months. That is why it’s important to get treated early on! Get that sore elbow checked out before it really upsets your sport and day to day activities.

Ankle pain

Ankle sprains are a common injury that can occur during sports, running or even everyday life. Unfortunately, mistreatment of ankle sprains makes them more common than they should be. If you sprain your ankle, make sure you see a physio to have it rehabilitated. This may consist of manual therapy, a strengthening program and wearing a brace or splint. Rehabilitation will reduce your risk of sustaining another ankle sprain.

Buttocks pain

If you have pain deep in the buttocks that is aggravated when lifting weights, sitting or running, you might have proximal hamstring tendinopathy. It is the  area of many different possible problems.

Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the length of time of rehabilitation. so, make sure you see us while your pain is still in its early stages.

Shin pain

There are two common types of shin pain: pain along the inner side of the leg and pain along the front of the shin. Pain in these locations might indicate a fracture. Get your injury treated early on to avoid ending up with a stress fracture that is difficult to treat.

Achilles tendon pain

The Achilles tendon carries up to six times your body weight when you run. That makes the Achilles tendon highly susceptible to injury in both athletes and sedentary people. Tendinopathy can develop from both overuse and underuse. Since it’s also the longest tendon in the body, it can take extra-long to heal. Even small aggravations can require patience and a well-structured ‘tendon loading’ rehabilitation pathway.

Get physiotherapy for pain

If you’re feeling any of the pains above, please click through to book an appointment at Sports Focus today. The earlier you see us, the sooner you can return to optimal health!

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