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TeleHealth Video Consults Available

It is in all our best health interests to stay as healthy as we can during this turbulent time.

We are committed at Sports Focus Physiotherapy to help you on that journey.

For those of you who are ‘physically isolating’ at the moment we can still help, even if you can’t come into see your Physio.

TeleHealth allows you to gain remote access to our experienced practitioners from your phone or device.

Get the physiotherapy treatment you need from the safety of your own home.

In recent years, physiotherapy has moved away from a dependence on manual techniques and complicated machinery, towards guided injury rehabilitation programs. This puts YOU in control of your recovery and health.

This service is safe, easy to use and secure. Our Sports Focus practitioners are able to offer physiotherapy and programs, together with our Exercise Physiologist via Physitrack. We can provide individualized programs as well as rehabilitation and pain management.

How do I get started?

TeleHealth Benefits

SAFE We follow the same professional standards that we would face-to-face in the clinic

EASY TO USE Join your TeleHealth consult in one click

SECURE All video and audio has end-to-end encryption

Is TeleHealth video consultation for me?

The majority of Sports Focus patients will find TeleHealth suitable for their physiotherapy needs. If you are currently being treated by one of our practitioners and you’re unsure if TeleHealth is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact our friendly team today.

How can I receive physiotherapy treatment remotely?

Most of the public view physiotherapy as being a very ‘hands-on’ treatment option. However, this is only a small part of what your physiotherapist does to treat your injury or condition.

We also help you

  • To understand your condition,
  • Identify what lifestyle factors may be contributing to it
  • Enable you to begin an appropriate and personalised structured treatment plan.

These are some of the most important things a physiotherapist can do for you.

Being able to access physiotherapy treatment at a time that suits your schedule is more important during this time than ever before.

If we believe your condition requires a more ‘hands-on’ approach, we will let you know.

Can I get a health insurance rebate for TeleHealth video consults?

Currently we understand that you are not eligible for health fund rebate, but things may change.

Sports Focus will be monitoring the government responses in the ‘Allied health sector’ and update our booking systems as necessary.

WE want you to be able to access your Physio and treatment in both our rooms and at home.

We respect your Physical distancing and want you to know “Our focus is You”

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