May 2021

Effects of Shockwave Therapy

2021-05-12T15:10:08+10:00May 12th, 2021|Miscellaneous - Shockwave Therapy, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Effects of Shockwave Therapy Shockwave therapy has been growing in popularity thanks to its ability to treat fractures and aid injury management. Today, shockwave therapy is used to treat different types of soft tissue injuries and other long-term issues in the tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia. How does shockwave work? This treatment works by sending [...]

April 2021

What Does Shockwave Therapy Treat?

2021-04-29T11:38:50+10:00April 26th, 2021|Miscellaneous - Shockwave Therapy, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

What Does Shockwave Therapy Treat? Shockwave is a safe, non-invasive physiotherapy modality that effectively treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. It can be a great alternative to surgical intervention, and can often treat stubborn, recalcitrant conditions. It has been found to be an effective treatment option for primarily orthopaedic conditions and tendon injuries. Shockwave therapy [...]

Why Improve Hip Mobility

2021-04-21T09:47:30+10:00April 21st, 2021|Hip, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Why Improve Hip Mobility We humans have evolved our bodies for long distance migration (walking and running). However, despite this, foot, ankle and knee injuries are very prevalent. Why is this the case? A lot of us have sadly lost our ability to perform all the physical activities that our body has evolved to do. [...]

Golf Physiotherapy

2021-04-10T00:02:23+10:00April 12th, 2021|Miscellaneous - Golf Performance, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Golf Physiotherapy Over the years, golf has changed to become a sport that places greater emphasis on strength, mobility and physical fitness. Golf can be enjoyed by all ages, but like all sports, moderate to higher levels of performance require specific intervention to measure and retrain how to be more consistent and get the best [...]

March 2021

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2021-04-07T11:45:23+10:00March 31st, 2021|Hand, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog, Wrist|

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome arises when the middle nerve that passes through the tunnel in the wrist is compressed. The carpal tunnel is in the wrist and is responsible for providing sensation to the skin of the thumb, middle fingers, index fingers, half of the ring fingers and the palm. [...]

What is Pilates?

2021-04-29T11:38:55+10:00March 17th, 2021|Miscellaneous - Clinical Pilates, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

What is Pilates? Clinical Pilates is a low-impact exercises that aims to improve postural alignment and flexibility while strengthening the muscles. Pilates targets the core muscles as well as other areas of the body. It can be done with or without equipment, with controlled breathing and slow and precise movements. How to do Pilates You [...]

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