July 2021

How We Treat Jaw Pain

2021-07-23T15:41:33+10:00July 23rd, 2021|Head and Neck, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

How We Treat Jaw Pain The jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular (TMJ), acts like a sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. There is one of these joints on each side of the jaw. These joints play a role in your ability to talk, eat and sleep. TMJ pain is a [...]

What is the Difference Between Strapping, Bracing and Kinesio Tape?

2021-07-23T10:50:21+10:00July 23rd, 2021|Miscellaneous - Sports Taping Courses, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

What is the Difference Between Strapping, Bracing and Kinesio Tape? Strapping and bracing both aim to achieve similar things, like making an area or joint more stable following an injury. However, depending on your condition, one supportive device may be more effective than the other. Here is a look at the difference between strapping, bracing [...]

What is Urinary Incontinence?

2021-07-09T13:16:42+10:00July 8th, 2021|Pelvis - Groin, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog, Women's Health Physiotherapy|

What is Urinary Incontinence? Also known as a ‘weak bladder’, there are two main types of urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence occurs with movements or activities that put pressure on the bladder like jogging, lifting, laughing, or sneezing. It affects up to one in three women who have had a baby, but also affects women [...]

Pre-pointe Assessment

2021-07-08T11:29:57+10:00July 8th, 2021|Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Pre-pointe Assessment “Empowering young dancers to achieve their dance goals EN POINTE!” Going en pointe is a milestone for your child, but you must remember that your child only has one body, and it needs to be looked after. Pointe is a stunning art form, but it requires strength, mobility and control well beyond the [...]

June 2021

5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

2021-06-17T13:52:21+10:00June 17th, 2021|Ankle, Elbow, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore Elbow pain If you experience pain just above the elbow that worsens when you try to type or grip something, you might have a condition known as tennis elbow. When given appropriate rest, tennis elbow can improve lot on its own. But if you continue to use/aggravate the pain area, [...]

Hip Impingement Physiotherapy

2021-06-04T15:27:28+10:00June 4th, 2021|Hip, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Hip Impingement Physiotherapy Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a hip condition in which extra bone grows along one or both of the bones that form the hip joint. This causes the bones to rub against each other during movement, causing pain. FAI involves a shift in the anatomy of the hip joint, which is a result [...]

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