How to Manage a Groin Injury

A groin strain is a common groin injury that occurs on the inside of the thigh. Often referred to as a groin pull, this injury occurs when there is a tear in the adductor muscles. Sufferers may experience a sudden sharp pain ranging from mild to very severe.

Groin strain symptoms

Groin strain symptoms can vary according to severity and type. Some symptoms include:

  • Sudden sharp pain on the inside of the thigh.
  • Pain felt when changing direction quickly or sprinting
  • Symptoms felt in either the centre of the muscle or in the area where the tendon attaches to the pelvis.
  • Inability to engage in physical activity, depending on the severity of the injury.

Groin strains are graded 1 to 3 depending on how severe the injury is. A physiotherapist will use a range of techniques to assess and diagnose your groin pain.

What causes groin strains?

Some muscle strains occur seemingly out of nowhere. However, there are several factors that increase your chances of sustaining a groin injury. These include:

  • Weak or tight adductor muscles
  • Not warming up correctly
  • Previous groin injury
  • Biomechanical defects
  • Lower back dysfunction or injuries

Groin strains often occur in sports that are high intensity and involve changing directions quickly. Rapid leg movements such as kicking a ball can also cause this injury.

Groin injury physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment is important for managing your groin injury. Your Sports Focus physiotherapist can identify the damaged tissues, the extent of the damage and a potential time period for full recovery. We may use a range of physiotherapy techniques to reduce pain and swelling while promoting the healing of damaged structures. These techniques include:

  • Aquatic physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise specific training
  • Core stability exercises

In most cases, your groin strain will heal within weeks. Depending on the severity of the injury however, you may experience longer-term symptoms. Make sure you see us at Sports Focus Physiotherapy to treat your groin injury quickly and effectively. To arrange a physiotherapy appointment, please book online today.

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