What is Forearm Strain?

Forearm strain is one of the conditions that can fall under the umbrella term of repetitive strain injury (RSI). It occurs when the muscles that squeeze and stretch the fingers and wrist are overused.

Forearm strain causes

Forearm strains are often caused during sports or physical activities that either require the wrist or hand to remain in a single position for a prolonged period or involve moving the wrist or hand in the same direction, with or without any load. For instance, a cyclist who holds their wrists on their handlebars would fall into this category. Or someone who spends 8 hours a day typing at their desk. Conversely, a tennis player might experience forearm pain because they are repeatedly flexing their wrist when swinging the racquet.

Forearm strain symptoms

The most common forearm strain symptom is an ache in the muscles between the elbow and wrist. There may be swelling, and the area can be painful to touch. This tends to be felt during or immediately following an aggravating activity. There might also be changes to the sensation felt along the forearm and in the fingers.

Forearm strain treatment

To begin your physiotherapy treatment, your Sports Focus practitioner will need to identify the cause of your pain. You may need to make modifications to your lifestyle or activities. Once we know the cause, your physio can then prescribe an individualised program to strengthen your upper limbs. We may also use dry needling or massage therapy to release stiff forearm muscles.

Ice can help reduce the inflammation, as well as anti-inflammatory medication.

Forearm strain prevention

The most effective way to prevent this injury from occurring in the first place is by strengthening your upper limbs to withstand the load you’re applying. Keep the shoulders and upper back as mobile as possible to maintain good flexibility through the upper limbs.

If you’re experiencing and pain or stiffness in your forearm, please see us at Sports Focus. Book your appointment online now.

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