Treating Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis

We all know of someone with knee or hip osteoarthritis. It’s frightening how many times we hear that surgery is the answer to this disease, because surgery is not the first line of treatment you should seek for knee or hip osteoarthritis. Instead, working with a physiotherapist on pain management and following an individualised exercise program is the suggested starting point for treating knee or hip osteoarthritis.

Treating knee or hip osteoarthritis

You have pain in your knee or hip – where do you begin your recovery?

Education is an important part of treating osteoarthritis. This is because there is a long-held belief that arthritis is a ‘wear and tear’ disease that is worsened by certain movements. Too many people don’t know that this isn’t the case. Research has shown that osteoarthritis in the knee or hip is not directly related to function and pain. It’s a more complex disease and any pain associated with daily activity is usually due to high stress, lack of regular exercise, poor diet or weight gain – not arthritis.

This is why we suggest seeing a physiotherapist to address the above issues first before you consider undergoing surgery. There are many risks associated with surgery and the cost is more significant than the above-mentioned lifestyle factors.

Won’t exercise wear out your joints and worsen your condition? We’re often asked if and how exercise can improve pain caused by osteoarthritis. The simple answer is that pain restricts your ability to undertake physical activity such as walking, sports and working out at the gym. Physical activity is important for keeping our muscles and bones strong. Reduction in physical activity progressively weakens muscles surrounding the joints, leading to pain and higher joint loads.

If you are unsure about how to treat your knee or hip osteoarthritis, the best solution is to see a physiotherapist. Our physios at Sports Focus are experienced at helping you manage your pain. Please contact us today to find out more or book online now.

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