Teen Sports Injuries

Teen sports injuries aren’t just frustrating – they can also turn into long term issues when left untreated. Managing these injuries when there’s a busy school and sporting schedule can be overwhelming for both the teenager and the parents and coaches. But Sports Focus is here to help you understand how to manage these injuries and prevent future problems.

Teen sports are very demanding. Many teens compete and train in multiple sports and teams at a time, leaving little room for recovery. This is why some of the most common injuries sustained by teen athletes are overuse injuries. Anatomic structures experience microtrauma due to repetitive loading. Without adequate rest between training sessions, tissues are unable to adapt and remodel, causing overuse injuries.

Teen sports injury treatment

It’s important to treat these injuries before they worsen. A load management strategy needs to be implemented early on to prevent long term damage and avoid any need for surgery. We understand that it can be difficult to know when to seek professional advice.

Teenagers might be averse to seeking help because they don’t want to be told to stop playing sports. However, if these injuries are addressed early enough, a complete pause on sports can be avoided. A period of modified activity can lessen tissue load and promote healing.

Physiotherapy for teen sports injuries

It’s important to address the underlying cause of the injury. Our sports physiotherapists will guide the patient through biomechanical retraining and strengthening to reduce the chances of injury recurrence.

Our physios can develop a treatment plan tailored to our patients and their sports. Beginning with an initial period of modified activity, we can then begin guiding the teen back into full sports participation. During this time, we will monitor how the body responds and make sure that they are on the right path towards full recovery.

If you think your teenager can benefit from sports physiotherapy, book an appointment online and let us take the stress out of teen sporting injuries!

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24 August 2020

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