Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney CBD

While you can’t prevent all sports injuries from occurring, you can reduce the risk. Some of the most important things you can do to avoid sports injuries include:

  • warming up properly before exercising,
  • using the correct equipment,
  • not exceeding your limits
  • seeking professional guidance from a sports physiotherapist to learn the correct techniques to follow.

If you experience any of the following injuries, make sure you book in for sports physiotherapy in Sydney CBD.

The most common sporting injuries we see are ankle strains and sprains, but there are many other injuries that can be potentially sustained by athletes. One common condition experienced by sportspeople is Achilles tendinopathy. This occurs in the tendon that joins the heel bone to the calf muscles. Injury to this area is usually due to overuse, and can cause swelling, stiffness, pain and weakness in the heel area.

Plantar fasciitis is another sports injury that you might have heard about. Also know as ‘jogger’s heel’, this condition is caused due to strain in the ligament that supports the arch. If you continue to exercise through this sports injury, you can cause chronic heel pain. This results in the body changing the way you walk to reduce the pain. This condition can also spread to the back, hip, knee and foot, causing further problems.

A common injury that sports people experience is something called anterior knee pain. It usually occurs in sports that involve twisting and running. The pain is either a mild ache behind the kneecap or a sharp, constant pain in the front and centre of the knee. The term ‘anterior knee pain’ can refer to many different conditions, including jumper’s knee and runner’s knee.

Many people try to treat their sporting injuries at home, but treating the injury correctly, with the helping of an experienced physiotherapist, will ensure a smooth recovery. We offer sports physiotherapy treatments at our Wynyard and CBD 428 George clinics. Our highly qualified physios will assess your injury and how it occurred and provide a treatment plan suited to your condition and needs. We will monitor your progress and adjust your individualised physiotherapy program as needed.

Don’t let your injury continue any longer. Book online for sports physiotherapy in Sydney CBD.

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