Spinal Pain Physiotherapy

Are you suffering from back pain? Can’t find a solution? Studies show that around 80% of the population will experience spinal pain at some stage in their lives. Chances are, you will at some point require back pain assessment, treatment and spinal pain physiotherapy.

In some cases, spinal pain may last less than a week. This type of pain is non-specific and often disappears by itself, without treatment. Chronic spinal pain on the other hand requires assessment, treatment and advice as early as possible. With the right spine pain treatment, the condition can improve steadily. Most patients will see their symptoms improve with good quality assessment, care and advice. This treatment will also include individualised spinal rehabilitation.

Getting spine care physiotherapy can ensure that your spine is strong and healthy. Listen to your body and seek physiotherapy treatment early. Sports Focus can assess your back pain and provide the right treatment for your individual needs. Obtaining the correct assessment will ensure that you receive an effective management plan.

Lack of diagnosis of your spine pain can result in mismanagement, excessive treatment modalities, ongoing back pain and overtreatment or incorrect treatment. Come in to a Sports Focus practice near you for correct diagnosis. Not only will this empower you, but this will also give us a timeline or prognosis of how long your treatment may take.

Once our spinal care physios know exactly what is going on – whether it is slipped disc, osteoarthritis, disc prolapse, disc protrusion, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, disc disease or pars disease – we can then begin rehabilitating you back to optimal health.

Get spine care Sydney

Your spinal assessment will begin with an experienced physiotherapist in Sydney and we may suggest doing scans or x-rays. Call Sports Focus Physio today or book online your initial spinal assessment and finally resolve your back pain for good!

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