Signs It’s Time to See a Physio

Not sure if the pain you’re experiencing is serious or not? These points can help you decide if you should see a physiotherapy about your pain or injury.

You keep rolling your ankle

Restricted mobility, inefficient movement patterns and underlying musculoskeletal issues can indicate that you’re suffering from recurring injuries. Our physiotherapists can provide you with mobilising and strengthening exercises to help correct imbalances.

You’re tired all the time

If you’re suffering from shoulder or back pain, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Reducing the pain can help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

You’re getting headaches

Headaches can be caused by poor posture and muscular tension in the jaw or neck. Of course, if your headaches are severe in nature, our physios will refer you to a medical professional.

You have sharp pain in your heel

If you feel stabbing heel pain, especially in the morning, it can be a sign of plantar fasciitis. We can help ease your symptoms with taping and soft tissue massage and take you through beneficial stretches.

You’re tripping over a lot

If you’re losing your balance more than usual, it’s time to book an appointment with Sports Focus. We can identify the cause of your balance issues and give you the appropriate treatment plan.

Your mobility is restricted

Maintaining a good range of motion can reduce your risk of injury. If you have any issues incumbering your movement, we can take you through appropriate stretches and strategies to help improve mobility.

Your ear is aching

If you regularly experience ear ache, a clicking sound when eating, neck pain, facial pain or headaches, you might be suffering from jaw dysfunction (TMJ). We can help you manage this pain and improve dysfunction while techniques such as mobilisation, massage and dry needling.

You have shin splints

If shin splints are getting in the way of your training, come to Sports Focus. We can assess your technique, identify any muscle issues, advise on treatment and provide you with a tailored program to help you return to training safely and effectively.

You’re in lots of pain

If you’re experiencing ongoing or acute pain that feels joint-related or muscular, book an appointment with a Sydney physio at Sports Focus Physiotherapy.

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