Pulled muscle physiotherapy

Pulling a muscle during exercise, a run or physical activity is not just painful, but frustrating too. A pulled muscle can stop you in your tracks, preventing you from keeping up with your usual activity. You can take a few days to rest and hope that your condition improves, but your pulled muscle might worsen as soon as you return to exercising, running or physical activity.

How do you pull a muscle?

In most cases, muscles are pulled when they are overused. This can be from not giving your body enough time to recover after a workout, which means that you’re exercising with tired muscles. Or perhaps you’ve increased the intensity of your exercise or running too quickly.

Treat a pulled muscle

You can treat your pulled muscle by resting the muscle during the initial acute post-injury stage. This will allow the body to begin healing. However, as we’ve talked about before, too much rest is a bad idea. Moving the muscle regularly will help the blood flow to the injury, which aids in the healing process. This can be gentle muscle activity like swimming, walking or stretches. Your goal during this stage of recovery is to maintain range of motion to prevent stiffness in the muscle.

Physiotherapy treatment for pulled muscle

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy, our experienced sports physios can provide a range of physiotherapy options to treat your pulled muscle. Hands-on physiotherapy treatment will help alleviate pain, encourage scar tissue alignment and assist in muscle pliability. We can also perform dry needling on the areas surrounding the pulled muscle or injury, which can help you heal faster.

Depending on your unique condition, we may also apply sports tape to support the injured muscle. Our Sydney physiotherapists will show you which exercises are safe to perform and guide you safely through your recovery and return to sport or activity.

Would you like to treat a pulled muscle or other sporting injury? Call Sports Focus Physiotherapy today to book your appointment.

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