Power Band Drills!

The power-band is a heavy grade elastic resistant band that is a great tool to use through intermediate to advanced stages of a rehab journey, or even for performance enhancing programs.

The two main applications are for power development and increasing stability demands.

Power band drills for power development

The added tension increases the demands of a movement that would be otherwise “unloaded” for example developing horizontal power during sprinting – in other words the ability to accelerate forward. In the picture below, the football (soccer) player is in the intermediate stages of rehab for a hamstring muscle strain (tear). We are doing resisted shuttle runs which loads the muscles responsible for forward acceleration while the hamstring strengthens up.

For correct use or to see if this type of tool is applicable to use in your injury contact your local Sports Focus Physio.

Matt Grant-Smith

BHlthSci (Movement Sciences) MPhty, APAM

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