Posture, Pregnancy and Exercise

Take a look at this short video explaining the postural changes that take place in your body during pregnancy.

Exercise is a great way to keep fit, stay in shape and feel good about yourself and life in general. Pregnancy does not change this for most women.

Posture, pregnancy and exercise

Despite the differences in your body, exercise is still important. Some studies have suggested that exercise during pregnancy will help with an easier and shorter labour and birth, fewer caesarean surgeries, a quicker recovery postpartum, a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight, not to mention a healthier feeling pregnancy.

Get to a prenatal class to correct and strengthen your posture for pregnancy and Motherhood!

One of the things that you need to determine before you get started is where you are fitness wise. If you previously were a couch potato this is not the time to take up a new sport. However, all is not lost. There are several exercises that you can do while pregnant, even if you were previously sedentary. These would generally be walking, swimming, and specialised pregnancy exercise classes. The key, as with any exercise in pregnancy, is to take it relatively easy and to listen to your body.

So, now that you’ve decided to exercise what comes next? First of all you want to exercise on a regular basis. Our women’s health programs will give you the most benefit.

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