Physiotherapy for Whiplash

Some of our patients come to Sports Focus Physiotherapy with a history of whiplash and ongoing shoulder, upper back or neck pain. These issues can be difficult to manage without immediate treatment. The key is to get physiotherapy for whiplash as early as you can, so you can return to activity sooner.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to the tendons, muscles and soft tissues in the neck. It’s usually caused by vigorous or sudden movement of the head – backwards, forwards or sideways. This can be caused by jolting movements such as snowboarding, skiing, falls, assault and even head banging. Symptoms can include neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and tingling or numbness in the hands or arms.

Why you need to treat whiplash injuries

You can immediately begin experiencing the effects of whiplash after sustaining the injury, but in some cases, symptoms might not appear until hours, or even days, later. This type of injury can leave long-term effects, with studies showing that 50% of whiplash sufferers develop long-term or chronic neck pain.

Recovery after whiplash tends to occur within two to three months of sustaining the injury. After this, progress may plateau, and the pain will remain an ongoing problem. This study found that one month post-injury, the pain level and function of sufferers indicated long-term outcomes. That is, those who experienced high levels of limitation or pain one month after injury were more likely to develop long-term chronic neck pain. This is why early intervention is crucial. Physiotherapy will help you increase function and reduce pain levels. It also decreases your risk of suffering from long-term neck and upper limb problems.

Our experienced physiotherapists can assess your neck, upper back, shoulders and upper limbs to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs. We can take you through pain modulation techniques as well as strength exercises to ensure a successful recovery.

Don’t wait to get treatment. Early whiplash treatment will help you avoid suffering from further issues years down the track. Physiotherapy treatment for whiplash will help you with graduated treatment and enable you to return to activity quickly and safely. Book an appointment at Sports Focus early to ensure the best possible results!

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