Physio Exercise Beats Postnatal Depression

Post Natal Depression can creep up on you at any time and is often hard to recognise. Our Women’s health Physios are very aware of how this can impact on a pregnant and post  -birth mum .

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Vanea Atwood discusses post-natal depression and how exercise can help!


What are some of the symptoms of per-natal Anxiety /depression?

  • Sleep issues
  • Exhaustion
  • Food /Alcohol cravings
  • Feelings of not coping
  • Feelings of being jittery, butterflies- Anxious
  • Headaches, nausea, heart racing, palpitations
  • Constantly checking, overworking , making lists

How can my physio help?

One of the key ingredient in lowering the risk of perinatal Anxiety / depression is a carefully planned exercise program before, during and after pregnancy.  Classes where you are exercising with other Mums both pre and post birth have appositive effect on women. Research conducted by the University of Melbourne shows that an early exercise and education program in the form of a Mother & Baby class lowered the risk of postnatal depression by almost 50 % in those women who were assessed as being at risk.

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Muscle Mums

This is great news for our Sports Focus Physio mums! At our Northbridge location we conduct safe, gentle exercise classes for mums, both pre- and post- baby: Muscle Mums Bump for Pilates during pregnancy and Muscle Mums & Bubs classes for exercise and education with your baby.

Muscle Mums & Bubs involves approximately one hour of post-natal specific exercises with your baby and interactive learning topics such as:

  • Strengthening deep abdominal and back muscles
    • Improving and restoring pelvic floor muscles
    • Adopting correct lifting and handling techniques

If you would like to commence our Muscle Mums classes or would like more information or advice regarding exercise during your pregnancy please contact our Northbridge clinic.

For further information on Post Natal Depression Awareness Week visit PANDA, the Peri-Natal Anxiety and Depression Australia.


Vanea Atwood

Principal  Sports Focus Physiotherapy

Senior Pelvic & Women’s Health Physiotherapist
Pilates Clinician
Grad Dip Phty, MCSP, APAM
(Northbridge, Liverpool)

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