Knee Pain Physiotherapy

Our knees work hard. And a lot of the time, we don’t realise just how hard they work until they become injured. When you have pain in the knee, exercise is probably the last thing on you mind. But exercise along with physiotherapy treatments can help you recover faster and more effectively.

Physiotherapy for knee pain

Knee injuries are often the result of placing repetitive stress on the joint. The injury can creep up on you, and you might not know how it happened. But once you’ve strained your knee, what can you do you? The first cause of action should be to rest, apply ice, compress and elevate the area. When you start to use the knee again, keep it gentle. If the pain persists for longer than a couple of weeks, we suggest seeing a physiotherapist for a professional assessment and treatment plan.

Get physiotherapy for the knee

Your Sydney physio will examine your injury thoroughly to identify the cause of your condition before beginning an appropriate treatment plan. Your physiotherapy treatment may involve a personalised exercise prescription to aid healing and prevent reinjury. The physiotherapist will take you through your treatment plan and ensure that you are performing the exercises safely and correctly.

Make sure you discuss your goals with your physio. If you are planning to put specific demands on your body post recovery, make sure you discuss this with your Sydney physiotherapist. We can help you with a phased return to sporting activities.

If you have been experiencing knee pain, the good news is that you no longer have to. If your knee pain is the result of osteoarthritis, physiotherapy can still help you by enhancing your mobility and improving your comfort. Give Sports Focus Physiotherapy a call to find out how we can help you.

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