Keep Rolling Your Ankle

Keep rolling your ankle easily?  Having persistent pain in your ankle?  Feeling weak in your ankle?  You probably have some form of ankle instability, which is affecting how your ankle adjusts to different ground surface and movement.  It is well known that once you have sprained your ankle, you have increased risk of future ankle injuries.

With any ankle sprain, the first stage of management should follow the R.I.C.E. protocol – Rest; Ice; Compression; Elevation.  This will help ease the initial pain, inflammation and swelling at the acute injury stage.  However, without proper rehabilitation, your ankle is vulnerable to future injuries even though pain and swelling have subsided. This is due to deficits in the ankle control mechanism after the initial trauma.

Get physiotherapy if you keep rolling your ankle

At Sports Focus Physiotherapy, we can help you achieve complete ankle recovery and reduce the risk of recurrent injuries by restoring full ankle range, movement control and stability, thus achieving a safe return to daily activities and/or sports. We also stock a comprehensive range of taping and bracing products for extra ankle stability and support.

Book an appointment online or contact one of our friendly physiotherapists to see how we can help you.

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