Exercising at Home

With all gyms closed and outdoor exercise equipment off limits, everyone’s exercise routines are looking very different. How do you maintain your fitness levels when you’re being told to stay at home?

Sports Focus has been busy adapting our exercise programs so patients can continue their progress while at home. Use our Telehealth options and Physitrack exercise library to develop; with your Physio a ‘bespoke’ personal exercise program for you.

We can track your progress, send you messages to keep you on track and interact with you in your home!

Exercise is a great way to break up your daily routine when working from home.

Just by doing a set of squats every 30 minutes is a great way to keep yourself moving and prevent overuse injuries. And by the end of the day, you will have done over 100 squats.

Consider starting an exercise challenge with your household to keep everyone fit, motivated and connected. Bring on the friendly competition! We can design a ‘family’ program for you!

Exercising at home safely

Selected practices are open for appointments and we are also offering Telehealth video consults. You don’t need to put your fitness on hold because of physical isolation. Staying fit and active by exercising at home is definitely possible. Contact Sports Focus Physiotherapy or book online now.

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