Project Description

Tim Bone Syndey CBD


Remedial/ Sports Massage Therapist
Biodynamic CST
BHS, Dip ND, Hom, HM, Rm MFR
(CBD Wynyard)

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Tim is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, Naturopath and Cranio-sacral Therapist and brings over ten years’ experience to the team at Wynyard. He joined us in 2007 and his personal interests include health and fitness and horse riding (race horses included!).

Tim is curious about the Mind-Body connection and how stress contributes to dysfunction or dis-ease. Clinically, he uses his expertise in this area to investigate the connection between fight or flight and adrenal stress in the corporate world which can lead to insomnia, digestive disorders and healing/immune functional problems.

Tim enjoys working with the Sydney University Velo Club (SUVelo) and his triathlete clients because they can work together towards an outcome. “Getting a result with these clients means they break their personal bests and that is great” he says. Tim is results driven for all his clients and loves that he can help people see improvement immediately – clients walk in feeling one way and walk out feeling better.