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Alyson Sommerville Liverpool


Women’s Health
Bsc (Ex), MPhty, APAM

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Alyson has been working with Sports Focus Physiotherapy since she graduated in 2009. Alyson has experience dealing with a multitude of different injuries including acute, chronic, work related and sporting injuries. She has a focus on exercise prescription for ‘stability of the low back and pelvic region with a special focus on “pelvic floor safe” exercises.

Although having experience in all areas of physiotherapy Alyson has an interest and specific training in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Alyson treats a variety of conditions including incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, back pain and pelvic floor retraining.

Alyson is the maternity physiotherapist at Sydney South West Private Hospital in Liverpool teaching the antenatal classes alongside the midwives and providing post-natal education and pelvic floor exercises weekly. Follow-up private consultations are provided as indicated.