Shockwave Therapy

How Shockwave Therapy works

How Shockwave Therapy Works If you’ve read our previous blog on the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy, you will know how effective this non-invasive treatment can be. This treatment option is being offered at our Wynyard, Northbridge, Castle Hill and Liverpool physiotherapy locations. It can be used to treat persistent musculoskeletal conditions. How does shockwave therapy [...]

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Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Do you have a long-term musculoskeletal condition? Shockwave therapy might help. Here at Sports Focus, we’ve seen excellent results with shockwave therapy – a non-invasive treatment option that has little to no side effects. Shockwave therapy is a safe, non-invasive physiotherapy modality that promotes natural tissue healing for a variety of [...]

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Number of Physiotherapy Sessions

Number of Physiotherapy Sessions A common question asked by many people is “How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?” There’s no simple way to answer this question. There are many factors that determine the number of sessions you may need. And it’s unlikely that you will need as many sessions as someone else with the [...]

When to Begin Rehabilitation

When to Begin Rehabilitation How long after sustaining an injury should you wait to begin rehabilitation? Is it worth waiting to see if the condition improves, or is immediate treatment the way to go? The New England Journal of Medicine conducted studies to find the answer to these questions. These studies involved 50 amateur athletes, [...]

Signs It’s Time to See a Physio

Not sure if the pain you’re experiencing is serious or not? These points can help you decide if you should see a physiotherapy about your pain or injury. How to know it's time to see a physio You keep rolling your ankle Restricted mobility, inefficient movement patterns and underlying musculoskeletal issues can indicate that you’re [...]

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