Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

 Pregnancy Massage Everyone experiences pregnancy differently – from the physical changes to the way the baby is carried. The body goes through growing pains and changes during pregnancy, some of which can be painful and uncomfortable. That’s where pregnancy massage can help. Muscle pain Massage therapy can relieve everyday discomfort including headaches, neck and back [...]

What Happens to your Body During Pregnancy?

What happens to your body during pregnancy? We all know that pregnancy causes changes to your appetite, activity levels, body shape and mood. And when you have it figured out, the changes come again as you move through the trimesters. Here’s a look at what happens to your body during pregnancy. Hormones Hormones are chemical [...]

5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy, but it also takes a toll on a woman’s body and can elevate stress levels. Having a regular massage can help manage stress while offering a range of other benefits. Here is why you should include pregnancy massage in your self-care plan. [...]

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