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Neck Physiotherapy

The Kinetic Chain

The Kinetic Chain Nearly everyone gets back or neck pain at some stage in their lives, but we all get it at different a point in our kinetic chain. Some people with a sprained toe feel sore in the toe, get it treated and have no further problems. Others don’t notice the toe pain because [...]

Working from Home? Stiff Neck? Sore Back?

Working from Home? Stiff Neck? Sore Back? Over the last few months patients of mine have reported an increase in the time that they spend sitting…whether it be because they are recently working from home, not heading out and about on weekends or due to business lockdowns. This has resulted in aches and pains [...]

Headaches While Working From Home

Headaches While Working From Home Is working from home giving you frequent headaches? Getting migraines from looking at screens all day? Cause of headache The most common cause of headaches and migraines stem from the joints, muscles and tissue at the back of the head and neck. These can be called cluster headaches, cervicogenic headaches, [...]

Suffer from headaches or migraines?

Suffer from headaches or migraines? Are you suffering from Headaches or Migraines? There are numerous causes of Headaches and your physiotherapist at Sports Focus Physiotherapy can assess the causes of your headache and help you relieve the pain. Causes There are many different causes of headaches – some include: • Neck related Headaches – caused [...]

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