Hydrotherapy in Sydney

Hydrotherapy in Sydney Exercising in warm water is one of the best forms of alternative therapy, and there’s a good reason this methodology has been used for thousands of years. Studies have found that hydrotherapy is beneficial for many kinds of musculoskeletal conditions including chronic pain and arthritis. It especially helps arthritis sufferers as the [...]

2020-10-27T09:30:32+10:00October 26th, 2020|Hydrotherapy, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Benefits of Hydrotherapy At Sports Focus, we use hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy) to help rehabilitate musculoskeletal conditions. It is helpful for orthopaedic, spinal and arthritic conditions as well as sports injuries, work-related injuries and neurological conditions. Support of body weight The immediate benefit of choosing this treatment option is the reduced effect of gravity on the [...]

2020-10-21T09:26:34+10:00October 19th, 2020|Hydrotherapy, Sports Focus Physio Therapy Blog|
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