Golf Performance

Physiotherapy for Golfers

Physiotherapy for Golfers Almost 1 million Australians play golf, making it one of the highest participation sports nationally. Unfortunately, this means that golf-related injuries are also common. Both professional and amateur golfers may experience lower back pain from play, and this lower back pain contributes to about 25% of all golfing injuries. In casual golfers, [...]

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Squats and Injury Rehabilitation

Squats and Injury Rehabilitation The squat has long been a great movement for a range of gym-goers and athletes. From powerlifters to bodybuilders, to golfers to joggers, the squat is the ultimate exercise for power and strength and enhanced athletic performance. But what makes the squat so great? Below are some of the positive impacts [...]

Common Overuse Injuries

Repeated stress on your body can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI), especially when you don’t give yourself enough time to repair, recover and adapt. For those who play sports, common overuse injuries are often caused by training mistakes, such as increasing the intensity, amount or type of training too soon. Plantar fasciopathy This can be [...]

Signs It’s Time to See a Physio

Not sure if the pain you’re experiencing is serious or not? These points can help you decide if you should see a physiotherapy about your pain or injury. How to know it's time to see a physio You keep rolling your ankle Restricted mobility, inefficient movement patterns and underlying musculoskeletal issues can indicate that you’re [...]

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