Pregnancy - Safe Exercises

November 10, 2015 at 2:04 PM

PHOTOS of a pregnant Michelle Bridges doing crunches sends the wrong message to pregnant mums, physiotherapists warn.
This article was posted on showing these pictures from the November issue of New Idea

michelle_Bridges_exercise_ball.jpgOn The Beach; A pregnant Michelle Bridges poses with fans at the Guinness World Record Largest Fit Ball Class on at Bondi. Picture: Dylan Robinson.
Melissa Iaria AAP
Women’s health physiotherapist Vanea Atwood, of Sports Focus Physiotherapy Sydney, said Bridges advocated many good things about fitness but admitted crunches while pregnant was concerning.

“It does have a huge effect. Michelle Bridges has a great following. She’s got some really positive, fantastic fitness things to offer women to empower them to become stronger and healthier,” she said.

She’s advocating keeping fit during pregnancy, but doing isolation abdominal crunches is not the most appropriate exercise to keep firm during your pregnancy, not at all.”

Atwood said women should consult a Women’s Health Physio on how to best train their abdominals and to prepare for labour.

It is all about develpoing a personal program, we do not all enter pregnancy in the same state of fitness as Michelle!

This time is one of the most important and physically challenging times in your whole life.Sports_Focus_Physio_Sydney_pregnancy_exercises.jpg

It is vital that you prepare and stay as healthy and as fit as possible during these 40 weeks!

It is NOT enough to just modify your present fitness program.

Specific, personalised, strengthening and stretching pregnancy exercises are vital, especially in today’s sedentary work environment to prepare for childbirth.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the birth of your precious child;

40 weeks to prepare…..average length of labour 12 hours…what do you need!
•    Strong thigh muscles to support the weight of the baby
•    Strength around the upper and lower back to support your changing shape
•    Hip mobility to help birth positions
•    Moveable sacrum to improve pelvic outlet
•    Strong deep stomach muscles to support the growing baby
•    Pelvic floor muscles that will support, and relax

Vanea Atwwod runs Pre-Natal "Mums and Bump" classes at Sports Focus's Northbridge Clinic. You can call the clinic on 9958 8986 to find out more information.

You can also find out more about a pregnancy ‘check- up’ here;

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