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Massage Therapist
(Liverpool and Mt Pritchard)

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Natasa Punosevac has been practising professional massage since the completion of her Diploma in 2016. Natasa is an enthusiastic and compassionate therapist, who tailors treatments by drawing on a wide range of techniques to suit specific needs. Natasa has experience with Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Passive Stretching. Massage as a healing medium is used to improve function and form, and promote relaxation and well-being by working muscle and connective tissue in the body.

Natasa uses various techniques to achieve this, including Effleurage, Reflexology and Trigger point release. She can identify areas of dysfunction by palpating the body so she can treat the affected area, enabling the client to return to normal function as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remedial Massage Therapy can be firm or gentle depending on the requirements of the client. Massage therapy is beneficial for people in pain, suffering from stress, as general maintenance, or purely for relaxation.