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Work Related Activity Program (WRAPs)
Specifically designed exercise programs aimed at upgrading duties and improving your physical condition and ability during rehabilitation from a work injury.
Womens’ Health
Pre- and post-natal care, incontinence, core strengthening, safe exercise advice and gynaecological education and rehabilitation.
TMJ Treatment
Assessment and treatment of condition of the jaw including inflammation, muscle imbalances, hypo- and hypermobility, locking, clicking and pain.
Taping Techniques
Expert application of ports strapping, kinesio taping, biomechanial taping, and injury taping.
Sports Team Coverage
Pre-game preparation and strapping, on field injury management, assessment and treatment.
Sports Physiotherapy
Treatment for all injuries and pains related to sports and exercise.
Spinal Physiotherapy
Treatment of all varieties of spinal (neck and back) pain and injury including post operative rehabilitation.
Special Needs Home Visits
Availability of home based physiotherapy for those too infirmed to attend in-clinic physiotherapy.
Respiratory/Chest Physiotherapy
Treatment that improves respiratory efficiency, promote lung expansion and clear secretions from the lungs for respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis, emphysema, and bronchiectasis or pneumonia.
Real Time Ultrasound
Ultrasound imaging providing real time information on the quality, timing and endurance of muscle contraction. Particularly useful for retraining core strength and control and pelvic floor retraining.
Pre-Pointe Dance Assessments
Musculoskeletal assessment to ensure the young dancer is fully prepared for pointe work. Including assessment of foot flexibility and strength, core strength and turnout control to allow dancers an injury free transition to advanced dance technique.
Orthotic Prescriptions
Individually prescribed foot orthoses to improve posture in the foot and ankle.
Musculo-skeletal Athlete Screening
We have NSW Institute of Sport service providers who can conduct full musculo-skeletal athlete screening.
Massage Therapy
Remedial massage involves using a variety of deep tissue massage techniques to identify and treat pain and stiffness and to speed up tissue healing.
Manual (hands-on) Physiotherapy
All Sports Focus Physiotherapists spend quality time with each client with a hands on approach to your treatment.
Kinesio Taping
A specialised taping technique designed to facilitate the body's natural healing processes while providing stability and support.
Gym Programs - Individual prescription
Individualised programs aimed at improving your strength, stability, general fitness and sport performance.
General Physiotherapy for all client types, including Private (Self-pay), Workers Compensation*, Third Party*, Veterans' Affairs* and Medicare EPC*

We assess and treat Private Physiotherapy patients and no doctors referral is necessary.

*With a doctors referral we also see work-related injuries Workers Compensation), motor vehicle accidents (Third Party), Veterans' Affairs and Medicare EPC patients.

Fracture & Casting Clinic
Application and removal of casts and customised splints. Synthetic and waterproof casts available.
Dry Needling
Highly effective techniques to treat painful trigger points in muscles.
Biomechanical Analysis
Detailed and expert observation and analysis of technique and movement to diagnose causes or prevent of pain or injury.
Aquatic Physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy (group and individual)
Aquatic Physiotherapy (also known as Hydrotherapy) involves the use of warm water to assist in physiotherapy treatment.
Acute Care and Chronic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
We offer a full range of physiotherapy services whether your problem is a recent injury or surgical procedure or you are suffering from a long term condition.

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